Bands of 2016/Witch Awards

As many of you know 2016 has been the year my music taste has grown and has improved drastically. I have been to countless gigs, interviewed many bands and have encountered wonderful humans.

Here’s who I’ve seen: Black Peaks (x2), Palm Reader (x2), MassMatiks (x4), Don Broco (x2),  Dinosaur Pile Up (x2), Basement (x2), Bloody English, Mallory Knox, Neck Deep, Moose Blood, Bring Me The Horizon, Alibi, Raised by Raptors, Sleep in Solitude, Toska, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Reigning Days, Chapter and Verse, Eight Days, Cove, annnddd I think that’s it!

But who was the best?

Witch Awards: 

Out of all the bands I have spoken to or interviewed this year, who wins what:

Cheapest: MassMatiks  or Bloody English (partly because one time I didn’t pay)

Calmest band: Alibi

Has the friendliest fans: Don Broco

Best vocals: Matt from Dinosaur Pile Up

Funniest front man: Will from Black Peaks

Best drummer: Sean from Bloody English

Most overwhelming and emotional: Bring Me The Horizon (but I didn’t speak to them..)

Funniest band: MassMatiks

Best mosh pit: Raised by Raptors

Quiet but funniest band member: Joe from MassMatiks

The worst band: Basement